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Mana Meadows

Mana Meadows is a conservation documentary storyteller who has worked as a writer and photographer across southern and east Africa writing for local and international publications. She is the co-founder of the platform Conservation Storytelling, and in 2020 authored, edited and worked as the principal photographer of the commissioned book “Empowering the People of Botswana through Tourism, our journey together” – a forty-year history of Botswana’s oldest safari operator, Desert & Delta Safaris. Mana has been involved in many species relocation exercises across Zimbabwe and Zambia, and specialises in women empowerment narratives.

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Matthew Blair

With a background as a social practitioner working in conservation livelihoods and human-wildlife coexistence, Matt combines his experience with his skills as a visual artist to creatively express his feelings for Africa, through storytelling and film. He has worked on various international productions that include BBC Dynasties II (Cheetah and Hyena Episodes) and BBC Earth's Great Rivers II, Zambezi. Matt has intimate knowledge of Zambia and Zimbabwe's cultures, wildlife, wild places and geography.  He also works as a field collaborator with productions and photographers to help them achieve their assignment goals - whether it is a particular shot, sequence or story.

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