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Episode 4: COVID-19 & Conservation with Simon Capon | Gonarezhou Conservation Trust, Zimbabwe.


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"How do we do tourism for conservation, and not the other way round? How do we ensure that we don't get to a point where the impact of tourism is greater than our purpose in conservation?" - Simon Capon, Business Development Manager, Gonarezhou Conservation Trust.

This week my guest is Simon Capon who is the Business Development Manager for the Gonarezhou Conservation Trust (GCT) in Zimbabwe. The GCT is a partnership between the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority, and the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Simon gives us an insight to the holistic approach that the GCT uses to tackle conservation using their five "C's", the business of conservation, and how important local tourism is this year for conservation areas.

The video below is a set of key highlights taken from a very interesting conversation. The full conversation is available on the Conservation Storytelling Podcast (above).


To learn more about Gonarezhou and the GCT please visit: Gonarezhou National Park


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