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Wildlife Documentary Film-making | Kanga Pan, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Earlier on in the year Micaela and Neil from Reel Life Productions accepted an invitation to Wildscreen Film Festival in Bristol, UK. The festival took place in October; when the water at the Kanga Pan would be at its lowest. They needed to have someone there to keep up the camera rolling, and they asked us to step in for 9 days of filming.

Kanga Pan is a documentary that Reel Life Productions and Goddunnit Productions have been working on for the past 2 years. Located in Mana Pool's National Park, set deep back in the jesse bush, approximately 20 kilometers from the Zambezi River, lies a secluded and solitary water hole that is the source of survival for hundreds of animals that live out there. We sat in the hide on the edge of the pan, swatting off tsetse flies, and being ever at the ready with the camera, ready to capture the action. As we sat through the 40 + degree weather, life happened around us. We literally became a part of the Western troop of baboons, a member of the breeding herd of 'one tusk' and got caught up in the family squabbles of the 3 resident Black-winged Stilts that resided in front of the hide. We learnt so much about the dynamics, the ebbs and flows of the impala, baboons, Crested guinea fowl, the old 'dagga boys' and of course, the resident leopards that appeared every evening.

A big thank you to Micaela and Neil for trusting us with filming for your documentary, and to African Bushcamps for hosting us.

Keep a lookout for the documentary set to come out in 2019. 'Kanga Pan' is bound to be an incredible story of the wildlife politics, desperation, and balanced dynamics of co-existence at this unreal paradise, set in amongst some of the harshest conditions of the Mana Pool's bush.


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