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Human-wildlife conflict in the Amboseli ecosystem | Kenya

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The flight was booked at 18.00 on Wednesday, and I was due to depart Harare at 03.00 on Thursday morning. A bit of rushing around to get my house in order, batteries charged and lenses cleaned (and a Brown Button Spider bite thrown in there), and I was on my way to the airport at 01.00.

Shaun and I have been chatting about a few projects, ideas and adventure travel stories to work on in the next year, but they cannot be done in vain. They needed to tell a story, and contribute towards a cause that we both feel deeply about. The trip to Kenya was to meet up with Daniel ole Sambu who runs the Predator Protection Programme for the Big Life Foundation, and we were luckily enough to meet with Mr Richard Bonham, one of the co-founders of Big Life and winner of the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa in 2014. We were on a fact finding mission to learn more about information sharing, and collaboration in the conservation realm in Africa.

Shaun recently founded the Tunajali Wildlife Foundation that will direct funds, and implement programmes in areas where human-wildlife conflict is at the forefront.

I am looking forward to sharing these stories with you as they develop.

Big thanks to Ol Donyo Lodge, Tunajali Wildlife Foundation, Big Life Foundation, Adventura Africa, Shaun Scrooby Photography and Tuwi Lodge.


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