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Searching inwards, and outwards, for ideas when it comes to Conservation Film-making.

Developing an idea from the beginning is one of the most exciting phases of any film-making journey. Often though the idea comes across as too ambitious, too difficult, too challenging, and we need to keep reminding ourselves that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. What ever the idea is, often it is centered around something you care enough about to invest your time, resources and energy into.

Over the last year I have shaped The Rusty Mokoro into attracting projects that excite me, all in the possibility of being able to make films, to make a difference. I am a conservationist, and the best way I am able to identify with to contribute towards the cause is through the use of film as my medium and skill to expose, educate and inform an audience about the work that is being done in the world of conservation in Africa.

This weekend I started a new project, to start a new project (if that makes any sort of sense). I am not all that excited about Vlogging the journey, but I recently learn't about the importance of at least documenting the journey towards the growth of The Rusty Mokoro, the ideas and film projects that we could possibly end up doing.

This weekend I took a bit of time out, went to one of my favorite rivers, and started a series called "Minute Memory" to document the journey, as I explored an idea for a new docu-series which I look forward to sharing with you in upcoming posts.


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