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Series Summary | COVID-19 & Conservation


*This podcast and episode is completely self-funded*

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For the first series of the Conservation Storytelling Podcast we focused on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world of conservation in Africa by talking to a variety of project leaders in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

The pandemic has affected everyone in a different way, but there were many similar take-aways from each of the guests where the primary concerns evolve around future funding, the impact this has had on the local communities and the protection of the wildlife and landscapes. This is not to say that the conversation ends here.

As this channel has grown over the last 6 weeks I look forward to sharing many more stories and guests with you. I would like to thank each of my guests that came onto the show for being open and sharing your experiences through this pandemic.

On parting from this series, I would like to re-use Dr Rachael Cooper-Bohannon's quote from our conversation;

"Its human behaviour that keeps causing these pandemics...and its our impact on the natural world that we must address...if we protect the natural world and our biodiversity, and we respect it, then we won't be having these issues." - Rachael Cooper-Bohannon, Founder, Bats Without Borders.

Keep safe, and cheers for now.



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