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Catching up with Golden Kainda and his rural band.

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

In 2014 I was driving down a newly build gravel road, through a small village in the Northwestern Province of Zambia; it was late afternoon in winter and the air was thick with dust that had turned to a blazing orange with the setting sun. Golden was walking down the middle of the road strumming his homemade leather-bound guitar when I met him. I stopped my car for a while and listened to his unique sounds. When I left I promised that one day I would find him a guitar. I picked up a guitar later that year but never (for a few years) got round to getting it to him. Finally I woke up at 4am to reach his village for sunrise, met and filmed the rest of his band, and then presented him with his guitar. Life if not easy for Golden and his band members, but they find solace in the beats that they put together with their rudimentary instruments.

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