Jobs that Matter | Part 1

It has been a busy year so far, but we are now finally getting to do some work on a project that is changing lives, and has such a great aura of positivity about it. At the end of this week we are travelling to Mutare, a town on the Eastern border of Zimbabwe in the Eastern Highlands, to capture the story of Gogo Olive, 10 years on after the project started. 

See more about the project here. 

Hopefully we will manage to get some Behind The Scenes action ahead of the final video  to show you in the next week or so.

Mkushi | Zambia

Over a long weekend we drove 12 hours down to Mkushi to visit friends who are farming there. Not exactly just down the road.
We fished, waterskied, explored waterfalls and watched elephants in Kasanka National Park. Zambia is incredibly diverse, and beautiful.

In Review | 2017

2017 was an awesome year. We managed to travel a lot of Zambia, meeting people who inspire us, and getting to see the impact the individuals and organisations are making on the ground, for communities and wildlife. After a massive road trip through to the Bangweulu Wetlands and onwards up to Lake Tanganyika, and back, 3,500km later our trusty 1998 Nissan Patrol coughed and spluttered her last early on in the year, and this put a speed-hump in the road to our exploring. Nonetheless we managed to travel to the Southern Kafue, and make a few more missions around the Western Province of Zambia, finishing off the year with a return trip to Liuwa. We are extremely grateful to all those that let us in to showcase your commitment to protecting the heritage of this beautiful  continent. 

2018, we are looking forward to all you have to offer!